Focus on Children Now was founded in 2006 when a chance encounter with a tourist and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) in Armenia led to a conversation about the condition of schools in the villages of Armenia.

With an invitation from the PCV’s to visit the school they were stationed at in Gavar, the family found themselves driving an hour out of Yerevan on a very cold and snowy day.

When the cab stopped in front of a large dilapidated building and they got out, the four year old said “Dad it is too cold, let’s get back in the cab.” The father said “Son, let’s go in it will be warm inside.” When they got inside it felt even colder.

The floors were wet because of the leaking roof and some of the windows were broken. The school was full of children with obvious disabilities who were going about their business with no regard to the freezing temperatures. The family was so shocked and disheartened by what they saw that the next day they came back with 12 heaters.

Upon returning to the United States, the family gathered their friends and pooled their resources to continue the renovations at the school. The success of the renovation project at Gavar school spawned other projects and thus Focus on Children Now was on its way to “breaking the poverty cycle one child at a time.”