Beds for Akunk Village Kindergarten

Grand Opening
April 2019

Akunk (Ակունք) is a village in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. Located 114 miles from Yerevan, the village has 1,667 households and a total population of 4,645. The main occupation of the local villagers is agriculture. Akunk village has one school (1-12 grade) with 320 students and one kindergarten with 76 children. Although Word Vision organization has renovated the kindergarten and supplied the kindergarten with tables, chairs, and closets, the kindergarten did not have beds for the children’s half day nap. Because of this issue, the children were only able attend kindergarten part time (half-day). Providing beds enables the kindergarten to operate in full capacity and for the children to be able to attend kindergarten all day long.

  • Sponsors: Eleanora Hayrapetian and friends (via Facebook Birthday Fundraisers)

  • FCN Program: Education