Beds and Bedding for Artsvaberd Kindergarten

Grand Opening
February 2019

Artsvaberd village is located 115 miles from Yerevan and less than 10 miles from the boarder. The population is 3,200 and there are 720 households. The village is rich in history and still contains ruins of khatch kars (crosses made of stone) and the church of Surp Zoravor. The villagers main source of income comes from mixed farming and agriculture. Artsvaberd has a cultural center, a medical center, a post office, a school with 155 students, and a kindergarten with 80 children. The kindergarten had outdated beds made with unsafe materials, and needed to be replaced. In 2019, FCN had 106 beds with bedding delivered and assembled for the kindergarten so that not only may the children nap in warm and safe beds, but also so that the kindergarten may have the opportunity to increase enrollment for the coming years. FCN also had the privilege of installing a playground for the kindergarten back in 2018. 

  • Sponsors: Armen and Eleanora Hayrapetian & Robert and Anahid Amirian

  • FCN Program: Education