Beds and Furniture for Dovegh Kindergarten

Grand Opening

The village of Dovegh is a bordering village located in the Tavush region, about 118 miles from Yerevan. Home to 590 people and 200 families, the villagers’ main source of income comes from mixed farming. The village has 1 school (1st-12th grade) with 66 students. There are currently 18 children in Dovegh at the kindergarten level. For many years, Dovegh did not have a functioning kindergarten. In 2019, the village calculated a budget to open a kindergarten class in the same building as the school. Through FCN’s Mothers’ Day fundraiser, supporters came together to donate funds toward a bedding project for the kindergarten. The goal was not only met, but exceeded, and FCN was able to include furniture for the kindergarten. Because the kindergarten is now open, families with young children will not have to leave the village to receive opportunities of early education. Additionally, Dovegh’s playground, which was originally installed in 2016, was moved to a more convenient location for the kindergarten and school to use. 

  • Sponsors (beds & furniture): Donors of FCN’s Mother’s Day Facebook Fundraiser

  • Sponsors (playground): Mr. & Mrs. Jean and Freida Bazikian in memory of their beloved father Mr. Vahan Hovsepian

  • FCN Program: Education