Beds, Furniture, & a Playground for Arpi Village Kindergarten

Arpi Village
Vayotz Dzor
Grand Opening

Arpi Village, located in the Vayots Dzor province, was established in 1965 in the Eghegnazor Gnishik Village area. The village is 115 kilometers from Yerevan.  The population in the village is 1261 with 328 households. The village has drinking and irrigation water. There are two wineries and one stone carving facility in the village. The main occupation of the village is agriculture and beekeeping. The village has one school and one kindergarten. The kindergarten was recently renovated and requested our assistance with providing 60 beds. In 2019, FCN donated 60 beds, furniture, and a playground for the kindergarten. Arpi Village Kindergarten now has the capacity to host 90 kindergartners! We are thrilled to be able to see growth within this facility. 

  • Sponsors: (Beds, Bedding, and Furniture) Mr. Saro Giragosian and family

    (Playground) Ofelia Ter-Karapetyan in loving memory of Hakop Ter-Karapetyan

  • FCN Program: Education