Furniture for Mets Masrik Kindergarten



Mets Masrik




Grand Opening


September 18th

Mets Masrik, a very small town located in the Gegharkounik province of Armenia, consists of Armenian families who have migrated from Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh war, also known as the Artsakh war (1988-1994). There are 3,500 people and 756 households in the town of Mets Masrik. The village has two kindergartens. When FCN received a request for a community playground, they decided to also visit the village’s larger kindergarten, with 60 children enrolled, and identified the need for beds. In 2018, FCN delivered and installed beds, bedding, and furniture such as cubbies, small tables, and chairs for the 60 kindergartners.

  • Sponsors: Armen and Eleanora Hayrapetian 

  • FCN Program: Education