A Playground for Azatamut Kindergarten

Grand Opening

Azatamut (Ազատամուտ) village is located in the Tavush region of Armenia. Home to 2,900 residents, the villagers’ main source of income is agriculture, livestock, and a bentonite factory. The village has one school (1-12 grade) with 464 students. The recently renovated kindergarten is home to 90 children, and has plans to increase the number of kindergartners by 30 children. The re-opening of the kindergarten on April 2019 caused great joy and excitement for the village, but the kindergarten was lacking a playground for children to play, be active, and grow up healthy. FCN’s representative, Anahit Kalantaryan, visited the newly renovated kindergarten on April 12, 2019 to meet the gyughabed and the principal, and to inspect the grounds to verify suitability for playground installation. Every child should have the chance to play on a playground. That seems like such an obvious statement that it’s almost unnecessary to state. However, a majority of children in Armenia don’t have access to a playground. With the installation of this new playground, we are providing the kindergartners the opportunity to play in a safe environment, while promoting a healthier and more active environment for growth for years to come.

  • Sponsors: Tanya Kalaydjian and Nadya Donikian 

  • FCN Program: Education