A Playroom for Zovaber Kindergarten

Grand Opening
June 2019

Zovaber village is located in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia, and is located 35 miles from Yerevan, and 3 miles from the border. The village was established in 1852 and has a population of 1610 people and 385 households. The village has one school with 190 students, and one kindergarten with 30 kindergartners. In 2018, FCN provided the kindergarten with beds and bedding. In 2019, the kindergarten had a request for an indoor playground. 6 year old Ari Cummings decided to dedicate his birthday for this project. Instead of gifts, Ari asked friends and family to donate funds to raise money for a playroom for the Zovaber kindergartners. Thanks to his kind heart, the children now have an exciting and safe place to play all year round. Ari even visited the kindergarten for the grand opening and spent time playing with the kindergartners!

  • Sponsors: Ari Cummings’ Birthday Fundraiser

  • FCN Program: Education