A Playground for Geghanist Kindergarten


Geghanist village is located in the Ararat region of Armenia. The village is 7 kilometers from Yerevan.  The population in this village is 3,047 with 839 households. The village’s main occupation is farming. There is one school with 400 students and one kindergarten with 90 students. In September of 2019, Mrs. Christene  Zakevosyan, the principal of this kindergarten, requested beds, bedding, and furniture for 30 students who were on the waiting list to enroll. In October of 2019, Focus on Children Now, sponsored the furniture for the new group, who were able to begin attending school on November 1st, 2019.  Zakevosyan also requested a playground for the kindergarten, because the equipment they had was rusted and broken, not at all safe for children to play on. In 2020, we were able to install and deliver a completely new playground for 120 kindergartners to enjoy when they go back to school. This playground will provide a safer and healthier environment for the children to grow up and to have a happier childhood. 

  • Sponsors: The Grigorian family and friends in loving memory of Joni and Suzie Grigorian

  • FCN Program: Education