An Art Classroom for Armavir #10 School







Grand Opening


August 6th

Armavir #10 School has a student population of 366 individuals, 33 of which are in an art club. Several of these students come from low income families, and have dreams of becoming artists, but did not have an adequate space to access their creativity and talents. Art in Bordering Villages, an organization which encourages art students from low income families to access their creative side, suggested that representatives from both Focus on Children Now and Hay Santa visit the school. In collaboration, FCN and Hay Santa ( joined forces to sponsor an art classroom for the school. Art classrooms help children express themselves through various forms of art, provide a space for creativity to flourish, and potentially set up future careers in the arts.

  • FCN Sponsors: Kariné Aboolian and Saro Markarian

  • FCN Program: Education