An Art Classroom for Zorak School

Grand Opening
September 27th

In the Armavir province of Armenia lies the village of Zorak. Interestingly enough, there is only one Zorak born family living in this village, while the rest of the population are immigrants. The village has one middle school named in honor of Armenian war hero, Monte Melkonyan. The principal and school faculty are working hard to obtain funds for a potential remodel because the school is in serious need of renovations. Organizations Hay Santa, Art for Bordering Villages, and Focus on Children Now were able to collaborate on a specific project to renovate a room at this school into an art classroom. The classroom is freshly painted, includes 20 easels and benches (among a number of other art supplies) and has ideal lighting for the art students. Well known artists from both Yerevan and neighboring villages frequent the school as guest instructors for the art students. Art classrooms encourage children to express their creativity and talents and pave the way for future artists.

  • Sponsors: Friends of the Avetian family, in memory of Anahit Aveti (Avetian)

  • FCN Program: Education