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What’s Happening in Artsakh?

As of September 27th, 2020, the region of Nagorno-Karabagh, also known as the Republic of Artsakh, has found itself in the midst of yet another war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Hundreds of civilian infrastructures have been shelled and destroyed across the region, including those in the capital, Stepanakert. However, those who are suffering most of all are the innocent civilians.

Tens of thousands of Armenian children and families from Artsakh have unwillingly evacuated their homes and found refuge in various parts of Armenia as a means of protection from large-scale war activity. Focus on Children Now (FCN) is responding to this crisis by raising funds to purchase and provide various necessities such as first aid, clothing, hygienic products, nutrition, toys, and other essentials to the displaced children and their family members.

Throughout the years, FCN has built a network of government officials, community leaders and activists, educators, charitable organizations (sharing our values and mission), and dedicated volunteers in addition to local suppliers in every province; resulting in building a solid infrastructure that has been the key to our ability to rapidly dispatch humanitarian aid to displaced children and their families across the country from day one. 

Here’s What Your Contributions are Providing

This building in Armenia has turned into a makeshift necessities “market”, by the mayor, for the evacuated people of Artsakh. Thousands of displaced Artsakhtsi children and their families come here to pick up all of their necessities, from items like fruit and vegetables to personal hygiene and toiletries, and everything in between. From day one, FCN has been working with the mayor’s office to provide all necessary articles. There is a system to this market to track which families visit and “shop” here in order to ensure that everyone has access to everything they need. All the girls working here are local young volunteers. Everything is purchased directly in Armenia, which not only gets to the individuals who need these items quicker but also helps keep the Armenian economy afloat during these difficult times.

FCN’s team in Armenia has been busier than ever, providing daily nutrition, clothing, toys, necessities for pregnant mothers, clothing for newborn babies, and more to the displaced children and families of Artsakh. Here are a few photos from behind the scenes.

Meet Lea, a precious Artsakhtsi baby girl whose father stayed behind to fight on the frontlines. We were glad to be able to provide baby Lea with clothing and essentials, but our efforts do not stop with Lea! We want to make sure that Lea’s father and all our soldiers fighting to protect our homeland know that their loved ones are protected by Armenians all over the world.

The small and mighty community of Mets Masrik village was determined to raise money for Armenia Fund. The villagers, earning their livelihoods in agriculture, came up with a brilliant idea for every villager to donate potatoes (since they have no cash, but they have potatoes), sale and use 100% of the proceeds to donate to Armenia Fund as a community. In a matter of a day 4 tons (4,000 KG) of potatoes were donate; FCN purchased 2.5 tons (2,500 KG) for $580 and donated the potatoes to the governor of Tavush Marz to be utilized as part of the nutrition being provided to the displaced children and families of Artsakh. The remaining 1.5 tons of potatoes were sold to the Ayrum community to provide nutrition to the soldiers on the frontlines. In the end, the Mets Masrik community made a donation of about $800 (400,000 AMD) to Armenia Fund with the sales made from their delicious potatoes!
We commend our friend Irina (Իրինա Իվի Գասպարյան-Աղաջանյան) and every villager of Mets Masrik for taking the initiative.
If a village that has every male resident on the frontlines can do it, so can we. If a village that has just been shelled and has two children wounded in the hospital can do it, so can we. If a tiny village can scrap their resources together to help our people in the spirit of unity, so can we!
Թարմ հաց! Fresh bread!
Here’s another way your contributions are directly helping the people of Artsakh… FCN has been providing flour to 3 bakeries located in Mets Masrik, an Armenian village bordering Azerbaijan. Combined, there are 12 volunteer villagers baking an average of 800 loaves of bread per day to feed the children and families that have evacuated from their homes in Artsakh.
FCN proves its ability to take quick actions to overcome challenges by working with officials and our partners to make an immediate impact – even during these challenging times. In addition to nutrition, clothing, and personal hygiene products we also provide computers, toys, and candy for our children.
HEALTH & MEDICAL AID: FCN has also been directing efforts toward vital medical supplies, equipment, and medicine to hospitals that are in need. We’ve been working and communicating directly with Armenia’s ministry of health to assist the urgent need for any medical supplies we can provide. Thus far, we have donated 200 new hospital-grade beds as the patient count escalates due to both COVID and the war. We’ve also donated 3 ultrasound machines and 1 anesthesia machine. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please select Health – Medical Supplies on the donation page. Additionally, there is a major shortage of ambulances in Yerevan and every city of Armenia. As part of FCN’s health program, FCN is collecting funds to purchase 40 ambulances for hospitals all across Armenia. If you would like to donate to this fund, please select Health – Ambulance on the donation page.