Beds for Armavir #8 Kindergarten







Grand Opening


July 5th

The town of Armavir is located close to 30 miles from Yerevan, and serves as the administrative center of the Armavir Province. The population of Armavir is about 29,000 people. The town has 12 running kindergartens, and unfortunately, most of them are in poor conditions. The municipality has been actively trying to renovate each kindergarten. In 2018, the 8th kindergarten, also known as Armavir #8, was chosen for remodeling. The kindergarten had 90 children enrolled pre-renovation. FCN provided 120 new beds and bedding, not only to provide a healthier place for the kindergartners to nap during the day, but also to increase the enrollment of the kindergarten by 30 children. FCN also provided furniture for the day care, and a playground for the whole kindergarten.

  • Sponsors/Dedications: Friends and Family of the Asadourian family, in loving memory of Armen Asadourian

  • FCN Program: Education