Beds, Bedding, and Furniture for Noyemberyan #2 Kindergarten

Grand Opening

Noyemberyan (Armenian: Նոյեմբերյան);  is a town and urban municipal community at the northeast of Armenia, within the Tavush Province. It is located 2 km west of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, 9 km south of the Armenia-Georgia border, and 187 km northeast of the capital Yerevan. 

Home to 5,000 residents, the villager’s main source of income is agriculture and livestock. The town is known for its peach and dairy production. The town is home to 650 students (1-12 grade) and 2 kindergartens with 200 children.   

Noyemberyan has two kindergartens with 200 children, but there are more than 60 kindergarten age children that are unable to go to kindergarten due to lack of space. Finally, the heavily damaged wing of the Noyemberyan kindergarten was approved for renovation, giving 60 additional children the opportunity to go to kindergarten. The kindergarten requested 6beds with bedding to be able to operate the kindergarten full-time. In 2019, FCN delivered the beds after the renovated wing of Noyemberyan #2 Kindergarten was complete. 

  • Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. David and Sylvie Yeremian 

  • FCN Program: Education