Beds, Furniture, & a Playground for Armavir #9 Kindergarten

Mets Parni
Grand Opening

Located on the banks of Pambak river in the province of Lori lies a village called Mets Parni. The original residents of the village are from Artsakh, Moush, and Iran.
This village has a population of 2,210 residents, and 208 households. Its sole kindergarten was completely damaged after the Spitak Earthquake in 1988. In 2019, the community came together to build a new kindergarten and open its doors to 60 young children of the village. FCN provided the beds with bedding and a playground, so that the kindergarten could function as a full-time facility. We are happy to have played a small part in the opening of this kindergarten, which not only provides early education opportunities for children, but also career opportunities for adults.

  • Sponsors: Focus on Children Now (FCN)

  • FCN Program: Education