Beds, Bedding, a Playground, and a Zrutsaran for Sisian #1 Kindergarten

Grand Opening

Sisian is a city located in the Syunik province of Armenia, 217 KM from Yerevan. The city’s population is 150,000. It contains 5 schools with about 2,000 students enrolled total, and 4 kindergartens with 470 children enrolled across the facilities. FCN is humbled to play a part in the developmental growth of Sisian, Armenia. In 2019, we were able to provide 60 beds with bedding, as well as a playground and zrutsaran to the newly renovated Sisian #1 kindergarten.

  • Sponsors: Beds, Classroom #1 – The Khachatourian Family in loving memory of Arshak and Arsvik Khachatourian 

  • Sponsors: Beds, Classroom #2 – Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Nvart Amin in loving memory of Haroutyunyan Artour Saroukhany 

  • Sponsors: Playground – Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Silva Nakashian AND Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Nune Sahakian in loving memory of Haroutyunyan Artour Saroukhany

  • Sponsors: Zrutsaran – Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Nune Sahakian

  • FCN Program: Education