A Project for
Nork’s Infectious
Diseases Clinical
Hospital for Children 

Grand Opening

Located in Nork neighborhood of Yerevan, Armenia’s Ministry of Health established the Nork Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital in 1956 as the second children’s hospital addressing infectious diseases in Armenia. In 1986 it was merged with Armenia’s first infectious diseases hospital and renamed “Nork Children’s Infection Hospital”. In 1997 it was renamed “Nork Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital serving the country’s infectious diseases patients including adults, children, and the military servicemen; under the management of Armenia’s Ministry of Health. 

There is a total of 300 beds in the hospital. It has specialized departments for the treatment of infectious diseases such as intestinalairborne, and liver. The hospital has 2 children’s wards, with 23 rooms containing 80 beds. Although the rooms have already been renovated, the furniture was desperate need of an upgrade. 

The two floors of the hospital dedicated to the children serve the entire children of Armenia, free of charge. It also accommodates room for a parent to accompany his/her child during the child’s hospitalization period.  

The hospital requested all the necessary furniture for 23 rooms serving the children, which FCN delivered in 2019. The donation of beds increased the number of beds from 80 to 103. 

Patient Rooms  Floor 
Bed with bedding 

Over 5 years old 

Children’s Bed with bedding 

Up to 5 years old 

Nightstands   Closet with 2 doors  Closet with 3 doors  Tables and chairs for each room  Small refrigerator
1 per room 
Medicine closet  Blood drawing bed 
63  40  65  7  19  23  23  6  2 


  • Sponsors: Focus on Children Now (FCN) in memory of Edward Akopjanians