A Playground, Beds, and Furniture for Vazashen Kindergarten

Grand Opening

Vazashen (Armenian: Վազաշեն) is a village in the Tavush Province of Armenia. It is the site of ancient Khaghkhagh (Armenian: Խաղխաղ), where Saint Vardan won his first military victory. The name of Vazashen was chosen to reflect the local vineyard production (վազ/vaz ‘grapevine’ and շեն/shen ‘village’). 

Vazashen is located 172km from Yerevan in the Tavush region of Armenia. The local villagers are involved in agriculture and cattle breeding. With 342 households and a total population of 790, the village has 100 students (1-12 grade) and 50 kindergarten age children, who are unable to attend kindergarten because the kindergarten was destroyed by the Azeris during the Artsakh war in the 90s. Even today, the residents live under the constant threat of Azeri sniper attacks.  

The good news is that after over 25 years, Vazashen village’s kindergarten is being rebuilt. The kindergarten requested 50 beds with bedding and furniture to be able to operate, as well as a playground for the kindergartners In 2019, FCN delivered and installed a playground, beds, and furniture for the newly built kindergarten. 

  • Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. David and Sylvie Yeremian

  • FCN Program: Education