A Playground for
Berd #3 Kindergarten







Grand Opening


June 22nd

Berd, a city with a population of 9,864 people, is one of the farthest cities from Yerevan by 125 miles, and only 5 miles from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. This location holds many risks because of tensions at the border. The city’s income derives from small businesses, food production, farming, including bee and cattle breeding, and general agriculture of grapes, tobacco, and potatoes. There are 2 preschools in Berd — #3 Kindergarten with 110 children enrolled, and #2 Kindergarten with 260 children enrolled. Since November 2015, FCN has been providing the dairy products for the kindergartners of Berd #3 through the nutrition program. In 2018, FCN installed a playground for 110 kindergartners to enjoy.

  • Sponsors: Tanya Kalaydjian and Nadya Donikian (in honor of their parents, Vartan and Sona Dagliyan)

  • FCN Program: Education